Aykara Pharmaceuticals

Aykara Pharmaceuticals has a 70 year old history in Ayurvedic treatment and medicine manufacturing. Founded by Vaidya Kalanidhi Aykara N. Gopalan Vaidyar, this institution has a back up of decades of expertise in genuine Ayurvedic Practice. With years of study and research, the Company now manufactures above 200 varieties of ayurvedic medicines. And it has three pateneted products to its credit. AYKAF(herbal cough remedy), PAVANAMRUTHAM (anti-fluent) and DHATHU-64 ( a herbal preparation for general health and vitality). The company has been awarded the Good Manufacturing Certificate(GMP) in 2002 by the Govt. of India as per the norms of World Health Organization, in recognition of its great contribution to Ayurveda. At Aykara Pharmaceuticals we have all the modern facilities and infrastructural requirements for the smooth and efficient management of our operations. We have adequate warehousing capabilities for stocking our medicines and herbal preparations.